# Troubleshooting

# phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, and other system-wide utilities do not load

On a fresh install, a user reported problems accessing /phpMyAdmin within the panel. Further, the server hostname, server.mydomain.com, shared its second-level domain with an account on the server, domain.com. Both server.mydomain.com and domain.com resolved to the same IP address, and any subdomain created under domain.com worked as expected.

# Cause

Multiple hostnames were specified for the public IP address in /etc/hosts.

[server /]$ cat /etc/hosts    localhost    vps12345.vps.ovh.ca    vps12345 server.mydomain.com

# Solution

Remove the default, erroneous hostname configured for the system. In this case it's vps12345.vps.ovh.ca vps12345