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Managing an ApisCP platform

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Period integrity checks ensure your platform configuration never deviates from optimal.

Batteries included

ApisCP bundles 1-click installs, anti-spam, malware, and firewall protection through an in-house architecture.

API driven design

Everything in ApisCP revolves around its API, which can be called from the panel, command-line, or remotely.

# Introduction

ApisCP is an modern hosting panel + platform that began in 2002 as a panel for Apis Networks. ApisCP runs agentless and is 100% self-hosted. Licenses can be purchased from my.apiscp.com (opens new window).

# Requirements

# Installation

See docs.apiscp.com. Installation may be customized using the utility (opens new window) on apnscp.com.

# Contributing

Use the Issue Tracker (opens new window) to post feature requests.

# License

ApisCP is (c) Apis Networks. All components except for third-party modules and ApisCP modules (opens new window) are licensed under a commercial license (opens new window). Contact licensing@apisnetworks.com for licensing enquiries. Any dissemination of material herein is prohibited without expressed written consent of Apis Networks.