# Ghost


Part of the Web Apps family, Ghost supports many familiar components shared by all other apps. See WebApps.md for preliminary information that covers the update process.


Part of the Passenger subfamily, Ghost suports many familiar components with a few other Passenger-based apps. See Passenger.md for additional information.

# Recovering stalled update

Ghost may fail abruptly during an update, which ApisCP will try to recover. In the event it cannot recover and the version remains on the last upgrade version, perform a manual revert to the last version. This can be done by the following steps from the application root for Ghost:

  • Rollback active-version in .ghost-cli to the previous known good version.

  • Remove the symlink current/ whose referent is the bad version.

  • Remove the referent from versions/.

  • Relink the current/ to the previous good version.

    # within /var/www/html-ghost, the app root when Ghost is installed under /var/www/html
    rm -f current
    # remove the bad version, 3.30.2
    rm -rf versions/3.30.2
    # if 3.30.2 is bad and 3.30.1 was the last good update...
    ln -s versions/3.30.1 current

An update will retry again correctly moving from 3.30.1 to 3.30.2.