# Nextcloud


Part of the Web Apps family, Nextcloud supports many familiar components shared by all other apps. See WebApps.md for preliminary information that covers the update process.

# Configuration

# trusted_domain

The first position in trusted_domain is reserved for the domain under which Nextcloud is installed. It may be changed by reconfiguring the hostname via nextcloud:reconfigure domain.com path migrate newdomain.com.

# utf8mb4 support

ApisCP ships with innodb_file_per_table disabled by default as historically per-file tables restricted by kernel quotas may - in rare instances - result in unpredictable crashes or corruption. It may be enabled in data center mode or individually using Bootstrapper:

cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper mysqld_per_account_innodb true
upcp -sb mysql/install

Nextcloud installations will now use utf8mb4 as its default character set a storage increase of 33% (3 bytes vs 4 bytes per character).