# Laravel


Part of the Web Apps family, Laravel supports many familiar components shared by all other apps. See WebApps.md for preliminary information that covers the update process.

# Troubleshooting

# Linking storage directory

artisan storage:link prior to Laravel 7 (laravel/framework #32430 (opens new window)) creates an absolute symbolic link, which cannot be properly traversed by Apache. 7+ includes a new flag, --relative to convert this link to a relative symlink. Both approaches are valid on Laravel 7+:

./artisan storage:link --relative

Or convert absolute to relative:

LN="$(readlink public/storage)"
rm -f public/storage
ln -rs "$LN" public/storage
Temporary variable

ln will create a symbolic link within a symbolic link when written as a one-liner, i.e. ln -rsf "$(readlink public/storage)" public/storage as it resolves the target, public/storage/ then attempts to create a symlink within there named after the referent basename.

First unlinking the symlink allows for a symlink to be created named after the target.

Interestingly, if the target were a file, then -f (force overwrite) would behave as expected.